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Frank Haywood

Hi, I’m Frank Haywood, I live in Solihull in the UK and I’ve been online since the late 90’s. I first became interested in the business aspects of the internet in 2003, when as a hobby I started buying, refurbishing and selling mobile phones on eBay.  I just about broke even.

Seeing the possibilities, the following year I risked a few thousand pounds (about USD $6000) on my credit card in a wire transfer to China and I imported 100,000 glow sticks which arrived in early October. Six weeks later, exhausted, I’d sold the lot at a very tidy profit. I sat and worked out that it had cost me approximately $3.00 per tube of 100 glow sticks, and I sold them for $20.00 each (not including shipping) which was the current going rate. Some got lost or damaged in the post, but this was just a fraction of a percentage.

In 2006 with competition increasing and storage getting more expensive, I realised that stocking physical goods probably wasn’t the business model for me and I moved into my first love which was software, and then later moved into info products too.

With no inventory to hold, you only have to create the product once and you can sell it over and over (just like songwriters and authors).  Who wouldn’t fall in love with a business model like that?



Be entertained, have fun, learn new things, build a business…



Building A Better Future
The more you know, the better your decisions…


Knowing what to do and where to start could be one of your biggest headaches. My best advice is, choose something you love and then work out how to monetise it.


For example, one notable video games reviewer always asked of games companies – “Are you making money to make games, or making games to make money?”


By sticking to the principle of doing something you love, then it will almost never feel like hard work and will keep you motivated if things become difficult.


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Build A Site
You want to make it online? The first thing you should do is build a personal blog based site.
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Build A List
It doesn’t matter what you do online. Your prime business asset is your mailing list. Watch this and dispel some common myths…





Create A Product
Seriously. Create a product. This could be a single download, a membership or a service. After watching this you’ll know why…





30 Day Projects
Don’t get distracted. After deciding what you want to do, just work on that for a month and nothing else. Watch and learn how and why…





Outsource The Work
You don’t have to do it all yourself. If there are things you can’t or don’t want to do, then don’t sweat it, pay someone else to do it for you…





White Label Products
You don’t have to create everything from scratch. Using white label rights or PLR material is a good way to supplement your product creation…




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