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Backup Hackup (Launches 31st March)
Backup and clone your sites using all free tools.
  • Completely Modular System
  • Implement As Much As You Need
  • Free PHP script to auto backup your site(s).
  • Auto backup to remote FTP server.
  • Auto backup to your Amazon S3 storage.
  • Free Windows FTP server.
  • Free Windows remote file sync tool.
Be entertained, have fun, learn new things, build a business...
Building A Better Future
The more you know, the better your decisions...

Knowing what to do and where to start could be one of your biggest headaches. My best advice is, choose something you love and then work out how to monetise it.

For example, one notable video games reviewer always asked of games companies - "Are you making money to make games, or making games to make money?"

By sticking to the principle of doing something you love, then it will almost never feel like hard work and will keep you motivated if things become difficult.
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