A Scary Story Told In Only FIVE Words...

"Hard Drive Failed, No Backups"

...and how to avoid it completely.

Includes All You Need:
Free PHP script to auto backup your site(s).
Auto backup to remote FTP server.
Auto backup to your Amazon S3 storage.
Optional Windows software.
Free Windows FTP server.
Free Windows remote file sync tool.

Launch Pricing Held For Another:-


Features & Benefits In A Nutshell

  • Increased Revenue - Sell Backup Service To Clients
  • Includes A Free 'Use Anywhere' PHP Backup Script
  • Peace Of Mind Knowing YOU Have YOUR Backups
  • Optional - Send Backups To Amazon S3 Bucket
  • Optional - Send Backups To Your Desktop PC
  • Back Up Multiple Databases
  • Easy To Install Script - Copy And Tweak (**)
  • Reduce Your Costs - Don't Pay For Dodgy Backups
  • Includes Free Windows Synchronisation Tool
  • Send Backups To Remote FTP Server
  • Optional - Backups To Cloud Via Free Sync Tool
  • Optional - Backups To Local USB Drive
  • Back Up Email Accounts (cPanel *)
  • Set And Forget System
The SMALL PRINT - "Telling It Like It Is"

* - You can definitely backup your email using this method and tools if you use cPanel type hosting. Other web hosting methods may not be able to backup email and you would need to investigate further to see where your hosting platform stores email on the web server.

** - The backup script is completely standalone and does NOT require a database connection. This means you can copy your personal working master to another site and then tweak the settings in the admin panel.

Backup Hackup Will Automate Your Backups!

Hi, Frank Haywood here.

Probably one of the worst things you can discover as an online business owner is that one of your web sites is down.

Either it's been corrupted by a hard drive failure on your web server, or it's been hacked and defaced.

If you don't have backups then it's a total disaster.

How would you like to know for sure that your web sites are being backed up, and even better, that you have the backups of all of them being delivered directly to your desktop? Or optionally to a remote FTP server at another location?

And optionally to your Amazon S3 account?

All done automatically.

Sounds good?

I'll show you how.

Why Is Backup Hackup So Good?

Simple! Because it's easy and it's modular.

Install the core script on your site to automate the backup process and then choose your backup destination.

Install the PHP Script
The core backup script is free and doesn't need a database to run so you can just copy it from site to site and then tweak it.

Choose Your Destination
You can either send your automated backups to a remote FTP server, or even send them direct to a bucket on your Amazon S3 account.

Set the CRON
Set the CRON job for when you want your backup to run. I show you how, but any good web host will help you if you get stuck.

And You're Done!
Now all you need to do is to check that your backups are running okay. Once you're confident they are, you can relax.

What EXACTLY Do You Get?

The PHP Backup Script
The free PHP backup script is what makes the entire Backup Hackup process possible.

The script is non-database driven so once you've created your own customised settings to your target destination, all you need to do is copy the script directory to your next site and tweak the settings.

I'll show you, and once you know how it will take you about 10 minutes per site.

The Windows FTP Server
The optional free Windows FTP server is how you allow files to be sent to your local desktop on your home / office computer.

While installation is easy, configuring the server, adding new accounts, and setting port forwarding on your router can be a little tricky if you don't know what you're doing.

Luckily, I've been doing this for several years and I'll show you too.

The Windows Synch Tool
The free Windows synch tool is an optional extra that you can use to move your backup files from your local desktop out to an external USB drive.

You can also configure it to send files out to most of the major cloud storage providers, and any location that supports FTP.

You could even optionally use it to retrieve the backup files from your web server.

The Video Based Tutorials
This is the heart of Backup Hackup, and shows you in stages how each part of the puzzle ties the whole thing together.

Once you've worked your way through the core and any of the the optional modules, you'll understand the principles of file movement across the internet and you'll then know enough to even come up with your own personalised solution to taking backups and keeping them safe.

Tell Me About The Course

Backup Hackup is a course in modular sections, presented as a series of videos which will teach you how to backup your sites automatically and then FTP them to your desired FTP server, INCLUDING your desktop computer.

And optionally to an Amazon S3 account too.

These backups can take place at a time of your choosing, and this can be overnight when it's quiet, or during the day if this suits you.  For example, I have a PC at my home / office that's on 24/7 so I prefer for backups to run overnight as they then get sent to that machine via FTP while I'm asleep.

You could also choose to run your backups overnight if you're using "buckets" on your Amazon S3 account.

The course will show you how to achieve this using ALL FREE software and PHP scripts and will be updated as alternative software becomes available.

Once you've got past the hurdles of your initial system set up, then setting up automated backups for each additional site will take you around 10-15 minutes. Then once it's done you can mostly forget about it. (You might want to check up on it every few days until you're confident that all is well.)

I believe that it's something that every web site owner needs to know, and I've done all the hard work to puzzle it out.

Now all you need to do is follow the course through and apply it to your own sites.

I'll show you how to set everything up to do your backups safely and securely and all it will cost is your time.

And you'll then know exactly where your backups are.

Don't Trust the Cloud?
Following on from the well publicised iCloud hack, it's understandable if you now don't trust cloud services. That's okay. You don't have to use any cloud storage at all if you don't want to - it's all completely optional.

Prefer Your Own Storage?
If you want to keep your costs low, then you can set up your own storage right on your hard drive at your home / office. It will take a little additional setup, but well worth it if YOU want total control of your backups.

What Will You Learn?

When you've gone through the course then you'll be armed with all the information and tools you'll need to:-

a) Automatically generate web site backups
b) Send them to the locations of your choice

You don't even need to implement all of it, you could just set up the site backup which includes your databases and emails and you're done. (Just a quick note to explain that email WILL get backed up with cPanel, but you may need to talk to your web host if they use a proprietary web control panel, as one of my own web hosts do.)

But if you want to go that extra mile, then I also show you all the optional bits and pieces too.

Included as part of this course, I also explain all the steps required to run an FTP server on your desktop PC, and how to send your backups to many of the big cloud storage providers too, such as DropBox and Google Drive, by use of a free Windows synchronisation tool.

Everything you need to do automated site backups is made available to you.

I show you how to tie it all together.

Module 1 - The PHP Backup Script
  • Installing the backup script
  • Configuring the CRON
  • Setting FTP as the destination
  • Tweaking the script
  • Testing it out
Module 2 - Amazon S3 Server
  • Using this module is OPTIONAL
  • Configuring your Amazon S3 account
  • Setting a bucket
  • Creating a folder in the bucket
  • Testing it out
Module 3 - Desktop FTP Server
  • Using this module is OPTIONAL
  • Installing the free FTP server on your Windows PC
  • Adding an FTP server account
  • Port forwarding
  • Free Dynamic DNS services
  • Putting it all together
Module 4 - Synchronisation Tool
  • Using this module is OPTIONAL
  • Installing the free sync software on your PC
  • Synchronising backups to a USB drive
  • Synchronising to cloud services
Module 5 - Restore and Clone
  • Restoring a backup
  • Cloning a site
  • Tweaking after clone
Module 6 - Speeding It Up

This is a speed run through setting a site backup.

All your other sites are handled in exactly the same way, and what you can do is copy the backup script from site to site and tweak it. Eventually you'll be able to do the whole process in under 10 minutes.



That’s Very Cool… What Else Can I Do?

Once you know what you're doing, why not sell your personalised service to clients?

Offer The Service To Existing Clients
Once you have your system in place, all you need to do is copy your tweaked version of the backup script to their web site and set the CRON to schedule the backups.

Use Your Service To Drum Up New Business
You can use your new found skills and service to get new clients. Everybody needs to make sure their web sites are protected and completely backed up and safe.

Explain The Importance Of Backups To Them
They probably already take intermittent backups or rely on their web host. You can explain to them that not all web hosts do the job they should, nor guarantee it.

Show Them That You Can Take Daily Backups
Explain that you can take daily or twice daily backups for them, and that their site files, databases and emails will all be safely secured off site in multiple locations.

Try Backup Hackup for 30-Days Risk Free

I am so confident that you will absolutely love Backup Hackup that I am offering a full 30-Day, money-back guarantee… All I ask as a courtesy is that you let me know why so that I can then fix any issues you may have had and so make Backup Hackup better for everyone else…

-Frank Haywood
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Questions & Answers

What is Backup Hackup? What exactly am I getting?
Backup Hackup is a complete set of tutorials showing you how to use features that only a relatively few pros know about. It's called a "hackup" because of its modular nature. Apart from the core PHP script which actually does the processing to backup your site, everything else is optional.

What are the destinations I can send my backups to?
Built into the core PHP script is the ability to send your compressed backup to either an Amazon S3 account (there's a FREE tier), or to an FTP server anywhere on the web. If you have a Windows PC, I show you how to install a free FTP server so that you can get your backups delivered silently and directly to your desktop.

Is this complicated?
Maybe. It depends on who you are. If you're at the stage where you've set up your own web site and perhaps installed WordPress on it, then it's no more complicated than that. In other words, every existing web site owner should already possess the skills needed to set this up. There is no programming involved.

What does FTP mean?
FTP stands for "File Transfer Protocol" and is just a standard method for moving files on the internet. There are various protocols in use on the internet that you may or may not have heard of even though you use them regularly. For example, you're viewing this web page using HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol).

Will I need an external USB Drive?
That would probably be a good idea. They're dirt cheap now and you can pick up a 2TB external drive for around $75 and dropping. You can then copy all your site backups to that drive as well as to the cloud. A 2TB drive would probably allow you to backup all your personal photos and videos too, as well as other important documents for your life and business.

Is this for cPanel and Windows PCs only?
I use a Windows 7 based PC on my desktop, and cPanel on some of my web sites, so the tutorials are based on those. The PHP script will almost certainly work on other web control panels as long as they're *nix based, ie Linux, CentOS, etc, but may need you to use a bit of logic to get working. The sync tool is currently Windows only, but there are alternatives for Macs if you look around.

Could I back up my desktop PC too?
Yes! If you decide to get yourself an external USB drive, then you can use the Windows sync tool to back up your hard drive to the external USB drive too. If there's a fire or flood, you can nab it on your way out. Alternatively you could also purchase some cloud storage and use the sync tool to back up to there too. All will become apparent once you've worked through the course and have some ideas sparking.

Do I need to press a button every day?
No. Once you've set it all up, then everything is automated. I would suggest you timetable yourself to check that everything is okay every day for the first few days, and then once a week, and finally once a month when your confidence has grown. I've been running backups for months now and it's all worked perfectly each night since I set it up. The PHP script will optionally send you an email notification.

Were the moon landings faked?
Let's not get started on that one.

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When will I, will I be famous?
I can't answer that. I can't answer that.

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Sadly I think we have to accept that he has definitely left the building.
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